How have digital advances led to better collaboration among building design (architects, engineers, landscape architects) and construction teams?

An ongoing theme of our course has been to look at how interdisciplinary teams collaborate to create the built environment. What role has digital technology played in the emergence of a new kind of building design? How have innovations related to digital technology changed the practice of architecture and construction? Please use specific examples of architects, engineers, (contractors or fabricators, if applicable and possible) and projects.
1. Your writing assignment should possess a clear, concise thesis. It is unnecessary to list facts about a building or an architect unless they support this specific thesis. In fact, adding superfluous information only distracts your reader from your argument. Your assignment does not need to be long. Please do not include anecdotal information in your response.
2. Use language and tone appropriate for academic writing.
3. Please cite your sources. You can use other people’s writing to prove your point. Keep in mind how
often David Celanto cites his sources in his article titled, “Innovate or Perish: New Technologies and
Architectures Future.”

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