Assuming that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to conduct a hazard analysis of the proposed methanol reforming fuel station.

Specifically, the state authorities are interested in an independent analysis that includes the following:
We have already conducted 2 memos about this project that will help.
1.A detailed hazard analysis of the fuel station with the severity and likelihood, current controls, and verifications.
+Include analytical justification for the severity for fire/explosion and chemical toxicity hazards (for example, how much of an area around the fuel station is at risk from a release).
+Be sure to specifically outline your assumptions in the report.
+Your report should include at least one summary risk matrix displaying the position of each of the identified hazard causes. These indicators should be “traceable” meaning that a reader should be able to look at the risk matrix and know which hazard cause is where on the matrix. 2. Hazard Analysis should include both normal operations and maintenance phases at a minimum (you are welcome to include other phases that you feel are important: Construction, Decommissioning, etc.). 3.Provide a set of design recommendations to improve the design in light of your findings.
+Estimate the cost effectiveness of any recommended additional hazard controls. (A cost estimate of some prototype hazard controls has been provided to you.)

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