At what point in the process of self-fashioning might insanity come into play?

The central theme of the course is the concept of self-fashioning as articulated by Stephen Greenblatt in the handout we discussed at the beginning of the semester. You should re-read the handout, with special attention to the ten aspects of self-fashioning that Greenblatt enumerates at the end. For your paper you must engage in an analysis of the at least one of the texts weve read so far using at least one or all 9 of Steven Greenblatts points of self fashioningThe question is:
Self-fashioning and insanity. If the self is fluid and unstable, which it would need to be if we believe it can be shaped, can it be pushed too far? Consider Columbus, Hamlet, and Don Quixote all characters who stretch their identities to the breaking point.
(Use sources such as Columbus’s 4 voyages, Hamlet, and Don Quixote)

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