demonstrate your ability to access sources and interpret meaning, organize your thoughts, analyze new knowledge and findings, form reasoned judgments and conclusions, write with skill and communicate effectively what you have learned.

Simply put, the ISearch Paper is the history of creating your Projects product. It is some research as to what was accomplished. It will allow you to acquire a greater depth of understanding on the topic you want to pursue for your Culminating Project. It is a research paper, but better. Requirements for the Researched Paper:> The paper will be 58 pages long, typed and doublespaced> The paper will include outside sources such as: Internet/electronic databases Magazines, newspapers, journals, books, or other printed materials> The research paper will relate directly to your Culminating Projects product/performance A step-by-step guide to writing the ISearch paper and a sample paper are in this section. Take a moment to review them. In addition, you will see rubrics that will be used to assess your paper. At the time of your presentation, you will need to place your paper and its successfully assessed rubric into your portfolio.Introduction This paper can be started before you complete the project as you will need some research to develop your Product/Performance. However, the ISearch Paper also is a reflective document that asks you to think about what you learned from the experience as you look back and reflect on it. Make sure that you finish the paper after the Product/Performance is complete. The ISearch, then, becomes the story of your entire Culminating Project process. Like traditional research papers, you must use proper citations, and for this you need to follow the MLA style; is a good resource for this. There is also an MLA guide created for On Track that will change your life. Be sure to cite sources, use quotation marks around anything you quote from another source, give credit for all ideas that are not your own, and include a correctly formatted Works Cited Page.Unlike traditional research, you will actually use the word I.Components of the I-Search Paper:There are five distinct components to the ISearch paper.This section will take you through the five parts. If you read through this and start writing as it guides you, the process will be a cinch. It even tells you how long each section should be in order to meet the length requirement. Note all the questionsThey will give you lots of ideas. Part 1: My Questions–What I Already Know, and What I Want to KnowIn this section, you will describe what you already knew about the topic, why you were interested in it, and what questions you began with. Some questions to guide your workin this section include the following:o Why have I chosen this topic?o What product will I create, and how does it relate to this research topic?o What do I already know about this topic?o What do I wonder about? What questions do I have? On what particular question do I want to focus?o What do I want to discover in order to answer my major question?In this section, you will probably not cite any research, as it really is just the introduction to your actual work. However, you might refer to particular sources that hooked you in terms of interest or from which you have gained what knowledge you already have.This section should be at least several paragraphs long and provide the reader with a clear sense of why youre researching your topic, how it relates to creating your product, what you already know, and what you hope to find out. Part 2: My Search Process How I Prepared to Create the Product In this section, you will describe your actual research journey. You will need to describe the sequence of steps that you go through as you research your topic, on your way to creating your product. You might talk about what sources you begin with, how these help or not, new sources as you find them, what new questions crop up as you learn more, and what frustrations you encounter along the way. This is also the section where you talk about the help and assistance that you get from others, i.e. primary sources: mentors and other people you interview. You should explain your research methods and actually talk about specific sites and sources. Be sure to include your reflections in this section.> Explain your research methods and include specific site

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