Based on quantitative analysis of the 2013-14 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) teaching dataset using SPSS, produce a 3,000 word research report.

Your report must focus on one of the following: 2) Some criminologists argue that the best crime reduction programme would improve the conditions of the streets where run down homes are more frequent. To what extent do you agree with this argument? Could you think of a more effective programme using the CSEW? 1. Introduction, issues and concepts: (Approximately 750 words) Write a brief introduction to your chosen subject. What are the issues and concepts that you wish to study? How are these operationalised in the CSEW? What hypotheses do you wish to test based on your brief review of the literature? 2. Data, measures and methods: CSEW (Approximately 500 words) a. Describe the design and sampling strategy adopted by the CSEW. b. Include an account of the variables that you include and why. Your report must cover up to 10 variables. No more than five of these should be demographic variables about your research respondents. c. Describe how you intend to conduct your analysis and test your hypotheses. 3. Results/Findings: (Approximately 1000 words, including tables and graphs) With reference to your research question(s), report your key findings. You must also use meaningful tables and graphs to illustrate your findings. 4. Discussion and conclusion: (Approximately 750 words) a. Provide some interpretation of your findings with reference to the literature. b. Provide an overview of the benefits and weaknesses of your study and approach. c. Make recommendations for future research and/or policy and practice. Please only use SPSS to create the tables and graph and for data analyses.

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