Based on the analysis your group has performed, compare what you found in the review with what you have found during the analysis.

Project Final ReportReport Due Date: Friday December 7th by 5pmGroup Project Final Report Folder is available on D2L in the final week module.Composition of Group Project ReportProblem statement: Begin with a problem statement that interests you. This can be presented as an assumption, or belief, or assertion that you have read or understand from other sources. Use the literature that you have researched to identify a suitable research question.Literature
Review: Present a summary of existing knowledge regarding the research question defined above. You must cite your sources, and there must be at least twenty of these peer-review sources. They must be book sources, or peer-reviewed journal articles. Additional media sources can be used; however, these must be additional to the core twenty. They cannot be substituted for core references.Method and Data Sources: Now locate spatial and attribute data that will enable you to test these hypotheses. Use social, economic and demographic data sets that you are familiar with or find appropriate new data sets. Use your skills to integrate data from multiple sources. Explain what you are doing and where you found the data and how you processed it.Analysis: Your group will analyze the data using geographic techniques to communicate the problem to the viewers and readers in a professional way. The report will contain data background, the analysis including an explanation of the methodology used, and an interpretation of the analysis, written in technically correct form. This section will contain conclusions and recommendations that address the issue convincingly, based on the investigation your group has performed. The report should also contain a summary of the limitations of the analysis and recommendations for next-step investigation based on the findings.The geographic techniques you have learned should be used to communicate a new aspect of the problem to the viewers.A high performance report will highlight data gathering skill and knowledge of geographic techniques and will present a convincing data-driven analysis.
Points will be deducted for failure to conform to these requirements, for omission of, or imprecise/incorrect use of, method terminology; for technically incorrect method application; for lack of research to justify the research question; for lack of clarity in the explanation and analysis; and for lack of professional presentation e,g missing Table or Figure headers, failure to format tables in-line, et

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