UK Edwardian Construction Compared To Present Day

Need to have a paragraph or two of un-plagiarised research about the comparison of Edwardian to Present day construction. The topics which need researching are: -Foundations and Footings of building and walls -Most general elements of groundworks/civil engineering -Floor construction – including finishes (ground floor and above floors) -Services (the supply of electricity, water and gas etc to buildings) This is mainly for residential housing, but must include a little about commercial. Please can some pictures be used showing the differences? Also would a copy of drawings/construction documents be shown? (this is mainly just a research task, does not matter too much about format) Compare the construction of various forms of superstructure for low-rise domestic construction & wide span single storey framed construction for commercial and industrial buildings Discuss and produce details of different forms of construction applied to domestic building. Identify internal finishes and components used in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

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