Choose a game that you personally feel best demonstrates the issue of being unintentionally imbalanced.

As usual, use material from today’s guest speaker in your discussion. Avoid issues relating to the “water going toward the crack” phenomenon discussed by the speaker.Responses Rubric Out of 6 marks (2 each category) Spelling and Grammar: one or two minor mistakes acceptable = 2 pt. More than three, or misspelling the speakers name = 0. Referencing Speaker: clearly identified speaker and plainly cited a concept/statement/idea of the speaker = 2 points. Failure to do so = 0 Expansion: Took up a clear position of your own on the cited idea. May involve agreeing/disagreeing with the speaker with reasons, and/or providing relevant examples of your own = 2. Failure to do so = 0Sample Answer A: Douglas Gregory of Ubisoft said that the main goal of creating a balanced game was fine tuning systems so that players have an enjoyable experience. A game can be considered balanced when low skill players are able to play the game without too much difficulty and highly skilled players maintain interest in it. An example of an element that makes earlier Counterstrike games unbalanced would be the AWP/Magnum Sniper Rifle. This long range, one-shot kill weapon has been infamous for allowing lower skilled players to use it easily and successfully and provides no benefit for highly skilled players. It is so easily accessible and not used as an incentive, which can be viewed as unfair. As discussed by Gregory, fairness in competitive games is when the person wins the match due to skill and not due to random chance. The AWP did not reward skill and strategic ability. Many servers even banned the use of this sniper. Backlash has caused future updates of Counterstrike to decrease the damage of this sniper making the game a bit more balanced.

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