Criminal investigation is not a search for the truth. Discuss.

Essay title – “Criminal investigation is not a search for the truth”. Discuss Essay length-1750 words excluding references list at the end Keywords to mention and talk about in essay -Evidence, Burden of Proof, Actus Reus, Mens Rea, DNA, PACE 1984, CPIA 1996, Miscarriages of Justice, Disclosure,Golden Hour,investigation-reactive and proactive,csi effect, miscarriage of justice Essay Structure – Introduction- The opening paragraph introduces the topic area in a clear and inviting way, states the position taken and previews the structure of the essay.Give brief definition of criminal investigation(get definition from book Introducing forensic and criminal investigation Jane Monckton Smith, Tony Adams, Adam G. Hart, Julia Webb 2013) or CPIA 1996 definition and the three elements of criminal investigation (look at the slide show attached) and also any other relevant definitions . Main Body- EXAMINE AND ANALYSE ! Give concise and critical arguments for and against the statement- include the keywords above and also literature from lecture 3 such as assumption that a criminal investigation is a search for the truth within the process (Monkton-Smith et al. 2013; Newburn, 2007) ; devine et al (2001) ; Innes(2002) all from lecture 3 slide show.Also have at other look at literature and discuss arguments concisely and logically. Make sure to make argument balanced as it is a discussion essay.Please separate opinions and facts. Equally give for and against with facts and evidence. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the nuances of the chosen theory/ theories. Key aspects of the theory are explained and intelligently discussed in relation to the essay question. Conclusion The closing paragraph is strong and leaves the reader with a solid understanding of the reasoning behind the conclusion. A picture/diagram of desired structure is attached called essay structure. Marking criteria please look at carefully and follow the criteria that will get top marks “A”-file called Essay Marking Rubric Please use at Lecture 3 slide shows attached to do the essay as this is lecture this essay is based from.Please study and understand use material from this lecture. Please look through lecture 1 to help. Core Readings and points MUST include in the essay !!!- -The Process Structures of Police Homicide Investigations Martin Innes The British Journal of Criminology, Volume 42, Issue 4, 1 September 2002, Pages 669688 -Jury decision making: 45 years of empirical research on deliberating groups. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 7(3), 622-727 -Key and relevant points from report of the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice if do not include these in essay it’ll be suspicious to the marker how i completed essay without mentioning these. Make sure essay has low plagiarism rate and make this a high 2:1 minimum grade,write as a Third year undergraduate student. Want 10-12 references/sources. Remember word count is 1750 words

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