Choose a topic that highlights how inequality functions in our society through for-profit systems as the prison system or food production (including fast food restaurants that cater to the poor), or through the lack of opportunities for well-paid labor if you live in a poorer neighborhood.

You may discuss how class and race often work against people in need (disenfranchised groups in society). DISCUSS ONE ISSUE ONLY in your paper, such as FOOD OR PRISON OR LABOR but NOT more than ONE.If you need to, do an analysis of capitalism according to the reading by Karl Marx and do some internet research. Use at least 1 quotation from EACH of the assigned articles plus 3 quotations from 3 outside research sources.
Write a detailed, critical essay on one or two main ideas in the readings and/or films. Be sure to include a critical analysis of the article and do a little research on any unfamiliar concepts. Your essay must refer specifically to the readings and/or films and include at least 2 quotations each, and THREE quotations from outside sources. These sources MUST be documented in MLA format! Your essay MUST focus on the assigned materials, using research as support ONLY. You MUST include a Works Cited page with your paper in proper MLA format to receive a passing grade! See course website links for help with MLA formatting.
Choose TWO articles below: Read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (with Definitions), pp91-101 Read The Chinago by Jack LondonRead, “Address to the Prisoners in the Cook County Jail by Clarence Darrow, pp47-54Read from The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, pp89-93

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