– Describe the method that you plan to use to test your hypothesis (quantitative or qualitative) and why you selected that type of method

Describe the puzzle and the research question of your paper
– Explain (in about 1-3 paragraphs) the theory of your paper and state the hypothesis
– Make sure to explain why your question and research are relevantTHEORY
– Write about any previous scholarly articles/literature that is connected with your research question
– Create a set of statements leading up to your hypothesis
– This theory section should end with your hypothesisDATA AND VARIABLES
– Describe what data youd need to collect in order to test your hypothesis
– Define your variables (what you are testing)
– Tell the reader how those variables are measured, what level of analysis you plan to use, and what sample you plan to use (I.e. what country or set of countries could be included in the analysis and why)METHODS

– You dont need to have actual results since you arent actually conducting the experiment CONCLUSION
– Briefly explain the main points of your paper
– Include a paragraph or two detailing how you can move your project forward if you had the time to do so

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