Choose one situation and write a set of instructions for it, making sure the process you describe is complicated enough to require detailed instructions and specific enough so that it must be done correctly if it is to work.

1. You know how to do something dangerous but necessary. Other people in the company may have to do this sometime, and there’s a good chance that you won’t be around to help them. Create a set of instructions that puts your help and advice on paper and ensures that they will able to do a good job without hurting themselves. Make sure you point out the difficulties, the right ways to do each thing, and the places to pause to check if the work is going well. Include visuals.2. Sometimes a procedure has to be done with great accuracy. If it’s done imprecisely, or in ways that vary from how others do it, or without attention to standards, the outcomes will not be good. Choose a procedure for which the steps need to be undertaken accurately, and provide a set of instructions (including specific measurements) to help other people undertake the procedure accurately.3. Even some relatively simple procedures have many steps. Choose a procedure that poses significant to considerable difficulty and has many procedures. Prepare a set of instructions in which the steps are clear, advice for undertaking them is detailed and effective, and visuals are an effective strategy.

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