Write at least 2 paragraphs for each source. One paragraph (or more) should analyze the article and at least one paragraph (or more) should evaluate the source and explain why it is useful.

There are many reasons you are completing an annotated bibliography, which will focus on your issue on the GLOBAL level. You are going to show the following in your annotated bibliography of 4 sources:The quality of the various sources you found on your issue – Your selection of these specific sources for your annotated bibliography shows me that you understand that your sources for this course should be scholarly, relevant and recent.You have critically read and understand your sources – Your analysis of each source shows me that you did not simply skim the material; you fully understand the author’s viewpoint, can put it into your own words and can make a connection about why this specific source is important when researching your topic.You understand how to integrate source material into your own writing – Your integration of quotes and paraphrases will show that you understand key concepts of the source and how it relates to your topic without simply “patchwriting” or “drop quoting.”You understand how to properly create a full citation and in-text citation using MLA guidelines.To complete the assignment:

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