Comparative Utilization Data from Online Database

Directions Presume you work in the utilization management department of a Florida hospital. Your boss, the chief financial officer, asks for your assistance on a project. There are six types of inpatient admissions that are often money losers for your hospital. The CFO wants to see if comparative data can help uncover the reasons why. The data elements he wants are shown on the report you will find at the end of these project instructions. To get this information, youll query a database on the website of the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. You will use the data you obtain on this site to fill-in the blanks on the report.[] The following steps guide you through the data collection process: To get the data needed for the report, go to the website of the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Use the data you get from this site to complete the report. Be sure to carefully review the data items you will need to complete the report before starting the database queries. Choose all patients in all hospitals when selecting the patient group DO NOT use the data in the tables labeled Standard errors. Use the results of your data queries to complete the report below. Do not add extraneous facts to the table. Only enter the information described by the report title and the column headings. Upload the completed report to the assignment dropbox. Do not upload the assignment instructions – just the completed report. Remember to include your name at the top of the assignment. This assignment will be graded according to accuracy, completeness and compliance with assignment instructions. The answer sheet template is attached: LP07 Assignment Answer Sheet. Criteria 1. Accurate data collected for total number of discharges. 2. Accurate data collected for Mean LOS in Days. 3. Accurate data collected for mean hospital charges. 4. Accurate data collected for mean hospital charges Percent (%) died in the hospital. 5. Assignment submitted on time and grammatically correct.

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