Final report on ‘cattai aware’ engaging local community in stream bank health in cattai hills area

Final Report Expectations The project report must have at least the following features included within the page limit. Additional supporting material of a technical or other nature should be attached as Appendices to the report proper and bound with it. i have also attached last year’s example and that is basically the format to use in writing this. please note that the references has to be in footnotes, thanks The report should address all of the objectives determined in the project proposal, and the following format (and contents page) is suggested: Front cover Executive Summary – this encapsulates what? why? how? and the main findings and recommendations in 1-2 pages. Introduction – why this report Objectives: A statement of the project objectives. Methods: A description of the way in which the group carried out the project in relation to each objective Findings: A summary of the findings in relation to each of the objectives. Diagrams and Figures are recommended. Quantitative data and qualitative data that does not identify people who may have been interviewed should be provided where appropriate in an appendix or on a supplementary data storage. Discussion: In this section you discuss the findings. (You may present the discussions of different aspects after the findings on each, or reserve the discussion until after all of the findings have been set out). Conclusions Recommendations: Clearly defined recommendations to the client.(Note: these are included in the Executive Summary) References Appendices: Here you provide additional material to substantiate the shorter more concise report. In writing this project the below question should be answered 1.the different ways other councils in and out of Australia do their river/vegetation assessment. can the locals be engaged. 3. what is the best engagement strategy for citizens science. 4. photos of cattai creek at different times,seasons and years to explain in photos the unhealthy effect of river. i have attached the context report together with the project proposal which contains its method,objectives,aims etc.

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