Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity. Cover the similarities and the differences, and do not try to prove that one is better than the other.

Find Instructions for the MLA Format: Google Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide.Marks will be deducted for not following the MLA format for Works Cited and forCitations.Length: 1,300 words – Note: Any essay that is less than 1,300 words will be an automatic failure (no more than 64%). You may write more than 1,300 words, but please do not write a book.
Eighty percent of the essay must be written in your own words. (Do not use very long quotations.) Check your percentage on How to Check for Plagiarism (found under Essays). If the result says more than 20%, you need to reduce it to 20% or less.NOTE: Please be careful not to preach a sermon. A sermon is not a research essay. Sermons will be graded as zero for not following the instructions.
Objectivity: When you write your essay, please pay particular attention to point three of the objectives for the course in the syllabus. Point three says that you must demonstrate that you can study religion in an objective manner. That means thatyou do not start your essay with an agenda to prove that your religion is better than another religion.
Do not use personal anecdotes (information that you have heard concerning someones personal experience with Buddhist activism or whatever your topic is.) Personal anecdotes do not belong in research papers. At least ten percent will be deducted.
Quotations: Use no more than two quotations.Five percent will be deducted for morethan two. Ten to forty percent will be deducted, if your quotations are very long.
Plagiarism: Check your essay for plagiarism after you upload it. Read theHow to Check for Plagiarism document that is found under Essays.If you plagiarize your essay, you willbe given a zero and an academic misconduct. If you are not sure what plagiarism is, please read p. 2 of the syllabus. It is the responsibility of the student to understand what constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarized essays will receive a zero and an Academic Misconduct1.
Opening paragraph – 10 % 2. Content – 50 %3.Citations – 5% – Citations differ from the Works Cited list. You must have citations at the end of sentences or paragraphs to show where you found the information. If the citations are missing, that is plagiarism, even if you have put the information into your own words. 4. Works Cited 5% – at least two academic sources – At the end of your essay, there must be aWorks Cited list with a minimum of two solid sources. You may use books, websites, film, and your textbook. Do not use a general encyclopedia or an on-line CD encyclopedia such as Grolier,
9Wikipedia, or Encarta. Wikipedia sometimes may lead you to better resources. Do not use general interest magazines, such as National Geographic. If you need help finding appropriate sources, ask a reference librarian. Google Scholar is also a good resource. There are also many good films in the Trident library. You may use one film in the Trident library as one of your two minimum sources. If you want to use a film that is not in the Trident library, you must get it approved by sending me a D2L email. Please note that the Bible, the Koran, the Buddhist scriptures, or any other sacred textis not considered to be a source for academic research. You may quote the Bible or theBuddhist sutras or the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism or any other sacred texts for up to10% of your essay; however, holy books/sacred texts will not count as one of your twoacademic sources. 5. Closing paragraph 30 % – your conclusion/critical thinking

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