Reflecting back on what you have read in chapter 8, answer the following questions:Do you think it is really possible for a performance appraisal to be motivating? Why or why not? How could you make them more motivating?

Do you agree with companies like GE, Accenture and Gap, that annual performance appraisals should be discontinued in companies? Defend your answer by offering viable alternatives to evaluating employee performance.
Offer your ideas thoroughly, and with substantial support for your opinions. Again, there are no right or wrong responses, and you are encouraged to respectfully challenge colleagues when an opinion differs from your own. Supporting your opinion with a reference to course content, other journals, articles or web pages you have found on this topic, or relevant from other courses will strengthen your position. As with previous discussion postings, respond to at least 2 of your colleagues. Your responses should be well thought out, and may include articles, websites, books, videos, etc. We learn from one another.

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