Create a fictitious narrative about a child and track his/her development from birth- Grade 6th, utilizing all of the relevant development theories to explain each segment of that narrative.

You need 3 scenarios interpreted according to at least one theorist from each of the 5 major theories. That means there will be a total of 15 DIFFERENT interpretations. Try to think of it this way: Psychologists and educators will often watch family or school dynamics behind a 2-way mirror see they can see what is happening without affecting the outcome. Imagine that you are observing a child on one day during the 3 developmental periods the book discusses and trying to interpret that behavior from the perspective of each the major theories. You can make up the story and be creative. For example: “A father is reading to a 1 year old child in the kitchen while the mother cooks dinner. The child’s attention is split between the 2 parents. The father gets frustrated as the child cries for his mother and changes the intonation in his reading. The child slams the book shut and screams for her mother as the father throws up his hands in frustration. The mother picks up the child and the book, and the child sits happily on her mother’s lap as she gently reads the exact same story while the child points and tries to mimic the words in the book. The father storms out of the room and yells, startling the child who cries for a few moments. The mother soothes the child, saying “silly daddy” and goes back to reading the story to the child’s delight.” How would Piaget interpret that story and the child’s behavior? Freud, Maslow, Skinner, Vygotsky, etc?

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