Describe the three-part view of earth and cosmic history that Morris (1977) gives for the period from creation (the beginning) to consummation (end of the world). What two events separate the three major periods?

please use footnotes when you use quotes from the reading and respect the Turabian formation Answer the following Questions which correspond to the assigned readings listed above. Providing a paragraph for each answer: 1. According to Chapter 2 of Kelly (1997), what New Testament writers wrote about or alluded to Genesis 1-11? How frequent are these in the N.T.? Did they give any indication these chapters are best understood figuratively? 2. In Chapter 3 of Kelly (1997) what distinction does the author make between the Hebrew words “bara” and “asa” as used in the Genesis One creation account? 3. Public displays in natural history museums usually portray the fossil support for evolution as watertight. Give an example from Johnson (1994) Chapter 4 where this is definitely not the case. 5. Using three of the observations made by Hoesch (2017) about Grand Canyon rocks, build a case using your own words for a global-scale watery catastrophe. 6. What scientist was the first to propose large-scale horizontal movement of continental plates? How did his model differ from current models of plate tectonics, according to Batten et al. (2007)? 7. Dr. John Baumgardner is a scientist who is renowned among his peers for developing the Terra computational program for modeling the earths interior. How was the program used in defending the reality of the Genesis Flood, according to Burr (1997)? 8. Evolutionists routinely claim an order in the fossil record of simple organisms in lowermost layers to more complex ones near the top. Roth (2003) disagrees, and sees a different trend in the fossils that is overlooked. Explain. 9. According to Hoesch (2010d), mud can accumulate rapidly. If the rock record is two thirds hardened-mud (mudstone), then why might this be important to a Flood model? 10. Ross (2009) documents soft-tissue including red blood cells from dinosaur bone alleged to be over 65 million years in age? Why is this important to a scientific model of earth history.

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