Effects of miscommunications in the multicultural workplace

This is for a business psychology course hence business related as well….This is for intercultural communication subject (focusing on communication). This research essay needs to be 2500-3000 words. There needs to be an introduction to the topic in why its going to be written (importance, purpose). Clear introduction, state the topics that will be focused on and insert a model of communication or a model of language or something that relates to the topic in the intro for a better picture. Then the body of the research essay needs to be into headings, within those heading, writing about that heading in relation to the topic of the essay. For example, miscommunication of teams, Language barriers, managerial Communication Etc within the body must include models on intercultural communication; they can be any that relate to the topic. Some include: Transmission model, Transactual model or three cultural models by Erin Meyers. Then a conclusion sub heading which wraps the research essay and finally further research sub heading . In the further research demonstrate what further research can focus on , what has not been researched. For example, there is very little research on managerial communication and then expand on it. Must consist of 20+ references. Make sure references/citations are done correctly and added to the end of essay. when done, finish with an abstract (which goes at the beginning) thank you. Note: I wanted to do on managerial communication, however not much research has been done on it. so in the introduction point out this and say therefore will look into effects of miscommunication in multicultural workplace and whatever else you do talk about.

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