Create five vignettes (short character descriptions) of individuals that have high levels or low levels of one of the big five factors of personality (one vignette per trait).

Use the information provided in the textbook to complete the following questions. Be sure to provide thorough responses in grammatically correct sentences, and keep the original question text in your document. Simply download this file from Virtual Campus and insert your responses below each question. Do not copy information directly from the textbook or any other source. With regard to physical development in adolescence, discuss the factors associated with early-onset puberty as well as the associated consequences for both boys and girls. Also, describe the rates of sexual activity in adolescence as well as the risk factors associated with early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy. Furthermore, discuss how specific structural changes in the brain affect adolescent psychology. With regard to cognitive development in adolescence, discuss the concept of adolescent egocentrism as well as its two key components. Finally, discuss the typical shift in relationships with parents and friends during adolescence. Define emerging adulthood and describe the key features associated with this period of development. With regard to physical development in early adulthood, discuss the major health concerns. With regard to socioemotional development in early adulthood, discuss the shift of marital trends in the United States, and list the factors associated with increased risk for divorce. Be sure to describe the individual using proper terminology (e.g. John is very neurotic) and give examples of social interactions, thoughts or behaviors that illustrate the individuals personality trait. Vignettes should be 3-5 sentences, and each vignette must mention a specific personality trait that the individual possesses. Summarize each crisis of Erik Eriksons Psychosocial Theory of personality from adolescence through late adulthood. Identify the life stage and primary social influence in each crisis, and explain how each crisis may be successfully or unsuccessfully be resolved. Carey was just informed by her doctor that she has severe liver cirrhosis as a result of chronic alcoholism and that she has less than 8 months to live. According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross stages of dying, how might Carey respond to this news and how might she deal with her death as she experiences the five stages of dying.

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