Do you think you will read for pleasure after the course? Do you plan to read one of the other Book Project books over the break?

ln this last assignment, you will reflect on your growth in writing AND in reading this semester. Be sure you address BOTH parts of this assignment.a) Reearding Writine:Begin by re-reading the three papers you wrote. Reflect on the comments I made, as well as changes you made during the revision process (from draft to final). o What are your strengths?
o Which skills have you improved the most? How?
o Which skills do you still need to work?
o What have you learned about writing? About yourself as a writer?
o Will the writing component of this course help you in your future – in school, in your profession, in life?To help you reflect in specific ways, refer specifically to your own papers-describe or even quote your papers as support. As you would in any other paper, support your points with concrete examples: – lf one of your strengths is that you write interesting introductions, describe one of your introductions and why you think it represents a strength for you.- lf you have improved your ability to write transitions, quote a transition that you wrote in a later paper. You might also describe a place where you didn’t use one in an earlier paper, to show your improvement. – lf you still need to work on developing your ideas, show me a place where you did not do so. How could you have? What other questions or points could you have considered? – lf you are still working on comma splices, show specific examples of places where you have mistakenly placed a comma between two complete thoughts – and how you could fix it.
b) Resardine Readins:
One major goal of this course is to increase literal and analytical comprehension. Another goal is to expand college-level vocabulary. Reflect on how your reading comprehension and vocabulary have changed this semester. Name several specific skills you have learned that help you understand difficult readings (such as highlighting; annotating in the margins; looking up unfamiliar words and references; asking someone when you don’t understand a reading; reading with better concentration; reading lessslowly; reading and concentrating for longer stretches). Which skills are most helpful to you? For which specific readings have you used these skills? lf you have not used these skills, which onescould you use in the future? How has your reading changed as a result of CRL 101? Do you comprehend better? Has your vocabulary increased? Are you less likely to skip over unfamiliar words? What do you still struggle with, regarding college-level reading? How, specifically, can you continue to improve? Do you have a greater recognition of the importance of background knowledge to understand what you’re reading? How might the reading portion of this course help you in your future – in school, in your profession, in life?Note: it could be tempting to tell me what you think I “want” to hear. But I don’t want to hear anything beyond your honest reflection. Your grade on this assignment will be based on your honesty as well as your thoroughness in addressing the points described above. This assignment is not about me as an instructor; it is about you as a student. So please reflect as honestly as possible. lf you did not use the reading techniques we discussed, write that. lf you are not sure how to improve, write that. lf you still don’t understand how to develop your ideas further or move beyond the five-paragraph essay, write that. At least you will enter WRT 100 and other courses knowing the questions to which you want to find answers-and that is an important insight.
This paper should be as grammatically correct as possible, clearly organized and well developed, and it shouldbetwofullpages. Because this will be written as apersonal essay,the use of first person “l” is fine. This assignment does not need to be documented, but it should be in MLA format (see p. 508 and p. 516 for correct format for your heading).

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