create your own argument based on the analysis of a brand’s logo. In this case, you must identify a logo for an organization (corporate, non-profit, or governmental) that can be found online.

Using your growing powers of analysis, decide what you believe the logo’s argument(s) is/are. That will be your thesis for this essay; the rest of the task is to make your point with a convincing argument. This essay will require at least one additional outside source as part of your argument (this means you will have at least two sources: the logo itself and an additional supporting source). The essay must be at least ***1500 words, formatted according to the guidelines of the MLA (8th edition).Possible research sources might include those having to do with the organization (its history, mission, competitors, etc.), the design aspects of the image (from the fields of art, illustration, graphic design, or industrial design), or any appeals that are part of the argument (ethos, logos, pathos, doxa, kairos, etc.).Examples of what to write about:
-colors/design of logo
-what it appears to be
-what it meansI have started the essay about the nfl logo but gave up feel free to use this or not up to you! You can chose different logo to write about if its easier (:The National Football League better known as the NFL, has become our country’s greatest pride and joy. For many years it has brought families and friends together for every last day of the week, Sunday. Typically football Sunday, as most people may call it, either include a big cook out with friends and/or family members or an exhilarating afternoon binging on delicious hot wings and drinks at your local bar. According to How Stuff Works, the NFL Super Bowl is annually the most-watched single-day sporting event in the world, meaning that theres million of people from all around the globe tuning in just to watch who will bring home the NFL championship. The Super Bowl is not only known for its teams and player but also for its huge and captivating performances or their insanely creative commercials. The NFL has made a great impact to people from several different countries all around the world, whether it’s the sport itself, entertainment, or commercials it has brought us excitement, disappointment, surprises, and most importantly unity. These are only a few of the many emotions and characteristics used to describe the symbolic meaning of the NFL logo; the National Football League logo portrays what America stand for.

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