discuss at least two (2) different, realistic solutions. “Realistic” means “can be done,” although it doesn’t necessarily mean “easy” or “simple” to do.

Now it’s time for the second half.So you’ve identified a problem, and it’s threatening the well-being of the universe. Or the country. Or at least the neighborhood. The task for this Quest, which is worth up to 200 points, is to argue for a solution.Taking the problem you identified in your last essay, you must now provide a researched essay of at least 1500 words in which you provide solutions to it. Note that you are making an argument for a solution, but you’re going to talk about more than one as part of your argument. No intervention by the hand of God or technologically advanced aliens. Your goal is to make an argument as to why your solution is a better one than any of the others.Again, this essay must be at least 1500 words in length, must include at least 3 outside sources, and must be formatted according to the guidelines of the MLA (8th edition).

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