Critically Appraising Studies & Reviews (40 points) At this point, you have chosen two possible interventions/models for your P.

For each intervention, review at least three studies/articles that examined the effectiveness of the intervention with your population/problems (or the population that is similar/relevant to your P). [Therefore, in total, you review at least six studies (three for each intervention).] 1. Critically appraise (assess the quality) these studies. 2. Based on the studies you have reviewed, what conclusion can you make about each intervention regarding its evidence? Intervention Selection and Implementation Assignment (20 points) 1. Which intervention do you think has a stronger evidence to treat/work with your P? Explain why. 2. Which intervention is the best fit (better fit) for your P? Measurable Treatment Goals (15 points) 1. Based on the hypothetical discussion with the clients in your population, describe the measurable treatment goals that will best monitor your clients progress. 2. How were these goals chosen? Other grading criteria APA (15 points) Quality and Organization of Writing (10 points) -Length: 4 pages (title and reference pages do not count towards the lengths of the paper) -No abstract required.

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