Critically discuss the information and data that you require to manage a project. Prioritise them in order of importance, explaining how each one enables you to monitor the health of the project.

Coursework 1 Description Summative Assessment 2: Contribution to success Rationale There is often debate on whether a projects success hinges on extensive and detailed planning or whether it is a diligent control that brings about the desired results. Planning and particularly genuine planning is considered the cornerstone for the success of any project. Nevertheless, it can be a tedious and exhaustive effort. Moreover, uncertainties about future outcomes will always prohibit plans from being complete. Others exhort the value of proper monitoring and control by arguing that projects are little more than a long series of adversities that must be overcome. They underline that quick and effective reporting is the key to dealing with problems and effecting success. The question is commonplace in many working environments which perhaps indicates that the answer depends upon a projects contextual circumstances. It is an essential part of the development of your approach to project management that you consider this issue and develop your personal perspectives towards it. Task Critically discuss the extent to which the success of a project is due to the enactment of solid planning from the onset or whether it is due to the vigilant application of control structures and reporting practices. Submissions Submissions must be typed A4, 12pt double-spaced, with an appropriate cover sheet. Work must be fully referenced in accordance with the Harvard system. The written submission should be in the order of 1800 words. Coursework 2 Description Project Management Systems Rationale In order to manage and control a project effectively on a day-to-day basis, the project manager must have performance data to determine whether their management of the project is successful. The information and data must accurately represent the performance of the project at any point in time; importantly, they also need to know how well their management of the project is working. It is vital, therefore, that project managers are able to identify the information and data that they need to manage the project, and to ensure – at the outset of the project – that it forms part of the project management information system. Assessment Criteria Extent and quality of the critical discussion and explanation of the information and data required: 50% Discussion of how these contribute to the management of the project: 30% Quality of the paper including referencing, flow and sources of information: 20% Submission Submissions must be typed A4, 12pt double-spaced, with an appropriate cover sheet. Submissions should be in the order of 1,200 words. Work must be fully referenced in accordance with the Harvard system.

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