Defining the Issue Your groups first task in analyzing the chosen firm is to clarify the statements of the issues faced by the focal firm.

The issues range from the key concerns, problems, decisions, challenges to opportunities that the firm are confronting. It may appear to your group that a problem may be only a symptom, or the tip of the iceberg, of a deeper hidden issue. In the consulting industry, the major issues are those most relevant to the members of the top management team of the firm. In other words, the CEO of the firm, who is concerned about these issues, is currently seeking solutions of these issues. For each issue identified by your group, think about the following two factors: (1) Importance. One of the judgements that demand your attention is whether this issue is of strategic importance to the organization. Would the issue make or break the firm? Would it be a major competitive advantage? Would it influence the firms profitability in a significant way? (2) Urgency. The judgement of the sense of urgency about the issue is fundamental in your term project. A good metaphor is the emergency room in a hospital in which a quick decision must be made to sort out the priority of patients. Your term project is to focus on one issue, and one issue only, from the set of issues chosen by your group.

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