Demonstrate an understanding of human behaviour in organisations and how management can influence behaviour.

LO2. Evaluate contemporary management concepts/theoretical ideas within the organisational context. LO3. Critique, challenge and apply organisational concepts from an applied management perspective. This assignment requires you to write a 2,000 words essay addressing the following requirements. Amazon, Alphabet (previously named as Google), Alibaba and Facebook, the new technology titans are driving business model innovation You should use at least couple of these sources that i provied: (Walton 2012, The Economist 2017) and manage the respective internal business relations successfully, arguably leading the future of the business (Zenger 2015, The Economist 2016, Zeng 2018) Review motivation, leadership, social organisation, and power/politics theories, critically analyse two theories, examine the common practices of these technology firms, and provide possible recommendations of managing the contemporary business based on your analysis.

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