Demonstrate why your chosen news event/topic is important by referring to evidence from your chosen articles.

Final Research Essay AssignmentEnglish 101: Fall 2018Dr. Kunert-GrafIn this final assignment, you will make an original argument about the current event you have researched. Frame your argument using "They Say, I Say" templates to critically respond to the perspectives you’ve encountered in your research. The final essay requires you to research a contemporary event of your own choosing. As we have discussed, everything new comes from something old, and each event in the news today relates to events from the months and years before. You will use Shoreline’s library databases (not just Google) to find historical news articles (from at least a month ago) and analyze how earlier events contribute to your topic now. This paper may build from the ideas you developed in your Midterm papers and journal entries, though you have the option of choosing a new subject.In this paper you must:?Analyze how news coverage has evolved in the months or years between the articles you find.?Craft a question for inquiry. Keep the question open ended. ?Have an introduction. The introduction should: provide contextual information about the news event, make your thematic question clear, indicate how you will answer that question (methodology).?Have a concluding paragraph. The conclusion should: raise possible answers your question, connect your main argumentative claims (tie together the paragraphs), articulate the stakes of your argument.When you upload the revised paper, include a comment on the submission in which you describe your revision process. Comment especially on the peer review process: how did it help you rework/re-imagine your paper?Follow MLA formatting guidelines, including bibliography5-7 pages double spaced. using these sources Work Cited Blavity team. "New evidence reveals cop knew therapist Charles Kinsley was unarmed." 18 July 2016. Blavity. Document. 21 November 2018. Carlos Suarez, Amanda Batchelor. "North miami police commander files federal lawsuit after Charles Kinsey shooting." 17 November 2017. Local Document. 21 November 2018. Grimm, Fred. "North Miami Dodges bullet after police shoot innocent health care worker." 23 July 2016. Miami Herald. Document. 20 November 2018. Joel Shannon, Mike James. "Unarmed black teen shot ,killed by police as he was running away in Pittsburgh." 29 June 2018. USA TODAY. Document. 21 November 2018. Levenson, Eric. "North Miami police officer charged with shooting unarmed caretaker." 12 April 2017. CNN World. Document. 21 November 2018. Rankin, Kenrya. "Colorline." 5 April 2017. Colorline. Article. 20 November 2018. Tim Elfrink, Jerry Iannelli. "Miami New Times." 4 April 2017. Miaminewstimes. Document. 21 November 2018. Final Research Paper Final Research Paper Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Thesis Accurately states the articles’ main arguments/ideas, detailing how the two texts relate to each other. 4.0 to >3.0 pts Strong This essay is structured around a compelling thesis that articulates the evolution of news coverage around a particular news event or issue. In so doing, it makes and supports subclaims that demonstrate a line of inquiry. This paper goes beyond surface level engagement with the topic to reveal new insights. It likely demonstrates a degree of risk taking, perhaps surprising its reader with a well-supported, but unexpected argument. 3.0 to >2.0 pts Meets expectations This essay is organized around a thesis that responds to the task at hand, but shows less originality and insight than the "strong" essay. For instance, the thesis may be closer to a "claim of fact" than a "debatable claim." Alternatively, this essay may make a debatable claim about news coverage of an issue, without showing an evolution in that coverage over time. 2.0 to >0.0 pts Passing Essay makes a clear attempt at this but there is significant room for improvement. For instance, this essay might be organized around a research question, but fail to explicitly state its thesis. Alternatively, it might articulate a clear thesis, without compelling support. 0.0 pts Needs Improvement This essay may not have an organizing thesis, or if it does, the thesis does not respond to the task at hand. For instance, the essay that needs improvement may focus on the student’s opinions about the news topic. Alternatively, it might argue a general point about news journalism. 4.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Evidence Includes supporting detail from the article. 4.0 to >3.0 pts Strong Essay includes multiple types of evidence, including direct quotation, paraphrase and summary. This essay makes thorough use of evidence from the chosen articles. The "strong" essay analyzes the evidence effectively demonstrating deep engagement, and it goes beyond summary in its engagement with the articles content. 3.0 to >2.0 pts Meets expectations This essay is likely uneven in its handling of evidence. There may be moments of excellence, such as paragraphs that contain insightful analysis, but there are also quotations that need greater explanation and/or opinionated claims rendered without evidence at all. 2.0 to >1.0 pts Passing Essay makes a clear attempt at this but there is some room for improvement. For instance, this essay might quote evidence, but misinterpret it, or lack analysis all together. Additionally, this essay likely includes quotes that are too long. This essay would benefit by what the authors of They Say, I Say call "quotation sandwiches" to integrate evidence. 1.0 to >0.0 pts Needs Improvement For the most part, this essay lacks evidence to support its claims. If it does include evidence, the essay that needs improvement relies on paraphrasing information, without direct quotes and/or without "they say" language to attribute idea to their sources. 0.0 pts No Marks 4.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Assesses Stakes Goes beyond summarizing what the article says explicitly to interpret why the content is newsworthy. 4.0 to >3.0 pts Strong This essay makes a compelling case for why news coverage of the issue/event matters, and for why its important to recognize the evolution of that coverage. In doing so, the "strong" essay imagines the motivations of the articles’ authors and/or publishers and considers stakeholder (ie, reader) reactions to the articles’ treatment of the topic. 3.0 to >2.0 pts Meets expectations This essay makes a clear case for the significance of the topic’s evolution in news coverage, but that appeal to stakes may assume reader agreement without fully considering multiple points of view. For instance, the author of this paper may focus on moral outrage and overlook practical matters of how the news coverage might influence stakeholders. 2.0 to >1.0 pts Passing Essay makes a clear attempt at this but there is room for improvement. For instance, this essay may aptly describe the stakes of the news topic in general terms without a focus on the articles or coverage evolution specifically. Alternatively, this essay may make a case for why the articles matter to a particular group of stakeholders, but miss the larger audience. 1.0 to >0.0 pts Needs Improvement This essay only superficially engages with the issue of stakes. It may respond to the assignment questions in an ad hoc matter, (ie, "I think the journal published this piece because a lot of people care about the issue."), or the essay that needs improvement might significantly misinterpret the authors’ motivations. pts No Marks pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Organization Essay is structured with introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. All paragraphs have topic sentence and development of ideas. to > pts Strong The "strong" essay clearly pursues a line of inquiry. This essay has paragraphs that are each carefully constructed, using "They Say, I Say" templates where appropriate, an introduction that guides the reader to anticipate the main points, and a conclusion that summarizes the essay as a whole. The organizational strategy of the "strong" essay makes it easy and enjoyable to read. This essay follows MLA formatting guidelines. to > pts Meets expectations This essay contains the basic components of essay organization, including well-structured introduction and conclusion paragraphs, body paragraphs devoted to separate subclaims and transition words within those paragraphs. Yet, it would be improved by a more clear line of inquiry designed to guide the reader through the author’s thought process. It may also benefit from more attention to sentence structure and word choice. to > pts Passing Essay makes a clear attempt at this but there is room for improvement. For instance, the introduction paragraph may be too brief, or fail to summarize the rest of the essay. Alternatively, this essay may have body paragraphs without clear topic sentences or subclaims. This essay will fail to follow MLA organization guidelines to > pts Needs Improvement This essay lacks a coherent organizational strategy. It may also fail to meet the minimum page length and/or be formatted incorrectly. The essay that needs improvement may have paragraphs that are underdeveloped and too short, or it may have paragraphs that are overly long and cover multiple subclaims without clear transition. pts No Marks pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Revision This essay demonstrates thoughtful revision, incorporating peer review feedback from the draft stage as well as implementing instructor feedback from previous essays. pts Strong This essay has clearly benefitted from revision. Between the draft stage and this revised submission, the student has made good use of peer feedback and/or reflected on how to improve his/her own writing by commenting on peer essays. Additionally, this essay demonstrates the writer’s growth from earlier essay assignments. pts Meets expectations This essay has clear benefited from a writing process that includes revision. The ideas are developed and the final paper is free from obvious errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, it shows less substantial "re-thinking" than the "strong" paper. pts Passing This essay demonstrates some evidence of revision, either showing clear improvement from the draft stage based on peer review, OR it demonstrates ways the writer has improved from earlier essays. pts No Marks There is no discernible evidence of revision in this essay.

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