How can new or different information technologies and/or sociotechnical systems potentially help address this issue?

create a 23 minute video that explains a conflict between groups, and a way that new forms of IT could help reconcile that conflict.In week 6, you will be asked to post a 300450 word script for your video. Your script should be accompanied by at least 5 scholarly references (academic articles, books, data sets, etc., but not wikipedia articles, Facebook pages, etc.) around that topic. Good places to find scholarly sources include Google Scholar (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and your university library (e.g., UCI Library’s research guides). In writing this script, we ask that you consider the following questions:What is the sustainability issue?
What groups of people are involved in this issue, and how?
What reasons do they have for having a position on this issue?
What tactics do they use in engaging with this issue?
While you will not be able to go into depth on these questions, and you will not be expected to address each of them in a separate section, we hope that your script will touch on each of them.

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