Using the breadth and depth of the course, explain in detail how you would answer the question now, what is quality and quality for whom?

The course is about Quality of the Environment. At the beginning of the semester you were asked to consider the title of this course; what did quality mean and quality for whom? Since then, we have explored various dimensions and scope of the environment from chemistry to ecology to ecological footprints. We have looked at both natural and human impacts on the environment and whether human use of the environment is currently unsustainable. We have also looked at various alternatives to some of the processes and products we are using now, and have found, for the most part, that they, too, have their drawbacks. Some people might even suggest that the human race is more like a disease on the surface of the Earth (not unlike the lesson we read about in Flask World) while others would consider humans the only species that can make the changes that can lead to environmental sustainability. Weve also learned that so much of the technology we already have can be harnessed in more sustainable ways, and we can be smarter about the decisions we make. Be clear to articulate what perspective you are using to answer the way you would define quality.You are to use this essay format to provide your own survey of what you learned in class as you apply your knowledge to the question above. You can reference any material you have read in the class as well as any films and class discussions. Your essay should be approximately 5 pages long, double-spaced, typed, and your paper will be evaluated based on the depth of your response. Please upload your paper through Turnitin. Please also check for spelling and grammar errors spelling and grammar errors will count negatively toward your grade. If you have any concerns about this, be sure to take your paper to the Writing Center before you turn it in for a grade and/or download Grammerly at to help correct any grammar errors.

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