Describe a work experience that best exemplifies your style as a task-oriented or relationship-oriented leader.

For Reflection Project Part 4, you are required to complete a questionnaire and a discussion question. Please review the instructions below for each. Pay particular attention to the required Turnitin similarity score of 20% or less for this assignment. Submit ONE file that follows the template and has information for both the questionnaire and the discussion question.Leadership QuestionnaireLocation: Middle of page 433-435 in textbook; also available by clicking here
Instructions: Complete the questionnaire and answer the following questions.
Question 1: In Reflection Project Part 1, you were required to answer whether you see yourself as a leader that focuses on getting the job done (task-oriented) or on managing human relationships (relationship-oriented) and why you view yourself this way. How do your answers on this Leadership Questionnaire support or not support your Part 1 answers?

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