How does your child react to the scenario? What would they do with their bodies? What would they say?

step One: Choose the scenario below that matches your childs age group. Think about how your child would respond to the scenario and what behavior you would expect to see based on his or her development.Scenario for a 4-year-old child: Your child arrives much later than normal and comes in to the program eating breakfast items from home. Breakfast ended a short time ago and now the children are all heavily involved in activities with one another. The child continues to eat when the time is called for children to clean up their activities and prepare to go outside.
Step Two: Use the scenario and your childs background to answer the following questions in a 2-3-page paper:

2. How does this response coordinate with their developmental age and expectations? Is their response developmentally appropriate? How do you know?
3. How would you, as their teacher or caregiver react? Why would you react in that manner?
4. What in their background can you assume is causing their behavior?
5. What do you need to learn about this child? The behaviors exhibited? His or her social and emotional development?
6. Please note that my child Lucas comes from a Chinese background

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