Describe for each reading explicitly why it is dominant, negotiated, or oppositional.

This assignment is about lecture 6 and the accompanying chapter from the book (chapter 8). Following on from the course objectives, the aim of this assignment is to work on these skills:
Systematically analyse and critically reflect on fundamental and practical issues in the field of mass
mediated communication
Communicate viewpoints and research questions clearly and effectively.
At the end of this course, the skill of applying theoretical knowledge to concrete examples of your own choice
will also be tested through the open questions in the final exam. Please keep in mind that this is an individual
assignment. This means you are expected to give your own answers to these questions. Each student will thus
use different arguments and examples.The assignment
In Chapter 8, Croteau and Hoynes discuss the encoding/decoding model. This model explains how audiences construct different readings when consuming media products: the dominant reading, negotiated reading and the oppositional reading. In this assignment you have to apply this model to a particular media product (e.g. a movie, an advertisement or an episode of a particular television show). It is recommended to choose a case that helps you to make a clear distinction between the three readings. In the first part of your assignment you provide a brief explanation of the encoding/decoding model and the three readings. In the second part you have to apply the three readings to your media product. Furthermore, explain what kind of audience members would construct these readings. Finally, discuss which discursive resources play a role in the construction of these readings. Give examples for each reading.
Your assignment is a minimum of 800 and a maximum of 1,200 words in length.

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