Describe one micro cycle for a single component of fitness within thecompetition phase of the annual training programme. Compare this to a micro cycle in the pre competition phase.

Please read the assignment description.The athlete has to be a professional tennis player or a professional footballerThis assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes: Thinking skills1. Analyse the factors under pinning training.2. Examine and evaluate the effective ness of training programmes.Subject-based practical skills3. Plan safe and effective training programmes.You are required to construct an annual training programme for a competitive athlete of your choice. Within the programme you will need to consider the following• You will need to analyse the physiological demands of the sport• The sport must be different to your group presentation• You will need to objectively identify the current physiological status ofthe athlete (performance profile)• Indicate appropriate performance and competition objectives• Create an annual training programme, identifying different periodswithin the year• Graphically present the periodisation of the annual training programme• Describe and provide a rationale for the types of training undertakenwith reference to the principles of training.•

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