Hospitality Organisation and Management

Assessment TaskFor the case study attached produce a written report (3000 words) to be presented to the management of the Caenshill Hotel.1.1.2 Assignment InstructionsFor this report you will need to demonstrate an understanding of theories and models related to hospitality management, operations and service.Taking on the role of a consultant, identify the opportunities, threats and strategies that Caenshill Hotel may have based on the trends and developments of the industry, management of the ‘service encounter’ and customer relationship management. Also consider how they may build on their strengths to improve their performance.For this assignment you will need to conduct a case study analysis of Caenshill Hotel. You will need to conduct relevant research and apply this to the case study. The assignment needs to follow the standard report format. Your case study analysis should include:• Introduction• Main body in which you link theory from the literature along with the practices of the organisations and critical analysis• Recommendations to the hotel owners• Conclusion

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