Describe the item in detail, evoking its quality as a visual argument.

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Quiz 5:Assignment one———————————— Visual Argument: A Political Cartoon Review your notes on the visual argument, and compose a short paper according to the following guidelines:
1) Introduce the item by providing its rhetorical context.

3) Interpret the item, analyzing its argument, referring to particulars in support of your analysis. Is the argument logical, emotional, ethical?
4) Note how the argument plays to its audience’s stereotypes, fears, or biases.
5) Conclude with a claim concerning the effectiveness and ethical validity of the argument.
Your essay should consist of at least three paragraphs. Use the evaluative criteria below to guide your efforts.
1) Introduction; rhetorical context: (2)
2) ; purpose of argument: (2)
3) Interpretation; audience appeal: (2)
4) Effectiveness; ethical validity: (2)
5) Claim; grammar; punctuation: (2)
Overall Evaluation: (10)
Quiz 6: Assignment two—————————————
Now that you have analyzed an argument for Essay 1, you are poised to begin your own argument, perhaps on a related topic. To that end, you will need to find sources in support of your claim. For one such source, whether it is in fact in support of your argument or offers a counter-argument to your claim, engage in the following treatment for this quiz: Introduce the work clearly, provide a few sentences summarizing its content, and quote from the source so as to reveal some aspects of its import to your argument or issue. In order to engage in ample practice with the method at hand, include at least one block or indented quotation, and two or three in-text quotations. In each case, employ MLA style to document your use of the source. Furthermore, so that you provide your reader with a variety of stylistic gestures, employ several different signal phrases in quoting and paraphrasing from your source, thus: according to __________; ________ argues; the author points out; the argument contends, and so on. Never use such lame phrases as the author continues on, or he talks about, etc. Conclude your summary with a sentence or two discussing how you hope to make use of the source in your argument essay. Finally, provide a Work Cited list on a separate page.
Check Blackboard for the due date of Quiz 6. Assignment three:Summary 2——————————–
Planning your own Argument
This summary assignment is a bit different from the Summary 1 task. In order to conceive of your own argument, consider the following elements of that argument, keeping your summary concise and clear:
1} Who is my audience?
2} What do they know about the issue?
3} What do they need to know in order to be receptive to my argument?
4} What is my claim?
5) How much common ground do I share with my audience?
6) How can I establish that common ground? 7) Why should my readers care about the issue?
8) How will I organize my argument so that it is effective?
9) What kind of support and strategy should I use to develop my argument?
10) What source(s) will I use in support of my claim?
Note: Rather than numbering your response, simply use the above items to you will proceed, construct a clear and concise paragraph outlining what you will argue and how See the Evaluative Criteria on the Reverse Side.

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