Describe the population (of the university). Indicate there was NO attempt to randomize the sample (pilot study; not generalizable to the university population). Describe the sampling method as a convenience sample.

One Paragraph: Quantitative statistical analysis was performed using survey data. Continue to describe your survey. Write your Quantitative Results Section
1 paragraph for each hypothesis pair:
Restate the hypotheses (H0 and H1).
Explain which survey questions/ variables were used for the analysis
State which type of analysis was performed
State whether or not the analysis was statistically significant and if so, at what level.
State whether you retain or reject the null hypothesis.
Describe the relationship between variables, if there is one. Analyses
Use the walk-throughs available on the BeachBoard/Cougar Courses to help you perform the SPSS analyses and interpretations. Write your discussion and conclusion sectionReview each of your hypothesis pairs and the qualitative and quantitative data outcomes.
Were your hypotheses supported, rejected or both? Explain.
What did you learn about the topic from the interview?
Reflect on your experience.
What would you do differently if you were to conduct this research for publication?
What suggestions for future research do you have?
You should provide MANY different alterations to your study designs and materials (literature review, qualitative interview, quantitative survey). This is about sharing what you learned about the process of doing the scientific method.Complete your Research Paper
Merge ALL of your sections:Abstract (italicized)
Intro/lit review (revised)
Methods sections (qualitative/ quantitative)
Results sections (qualitative/ quantitative)
Work cited

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