Write an essay in which you analyze Webers arguments in this classic book. In your essay, please a) describe and analyze Webers main theoretical propositions and arguments; b) offer your own critical evaluation and opinions regarding Webers ideas and theories; and c) assess the relevance of Webers arguments for contemporary society.

Please read the two required questions listed below and make sure that you answer them completely for full credit. Each of your essay responses must be typed, and include a cover page and a bibliography of the readings consulted to complete your work. In addition, please use 12 font size as you type and a 1 margin on all sides of each page. Finally, please note that you are required to refer to and cite Webers own writings as your primary
source of information in your essays. You may also supplement your analysis with the insights provided by Bratton and Denham in their book Capitalism and Classical Social Theory, 2nd. Edition (2014)Question 1 (4 pages)
One of the most important contributions that Max Weber made to sociological theory is his
analysis of social inequality, authority/power, and bureaucracy. Write an essay in which you
a) describe and analyze the key concepts, propositions, and arguments in these three major
issue areas in Webers work; b) offer your own critical reflection of Webers theoretical
contributions; and c) assess the relevance of Webers ideas to contemporary societyQuestion 2 (4 pages)
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is arguably the most well-known of Max
Webers writings. In this book, Weber makes important causal connections between
culture/Protestant religion and capitalist development.

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