Discuss What managers can do to improve customer service

III. What employees, even those with no supervisory authority, can do to improve customer serviceIV. When to Pass Complaints on to Your Supervisor/Manager V. At least two primary points that you either learned from this class or for which you learned aspects in more depthWrite an introductory paragraph in which you explain what Customer Service is and why it is a topic worth studying.Then, type the names of the five topics (I-V) listed above as headings and discuss each topic under its proper heading.NOTE: Keep in mind that simply giving your opinion with not supporting details is NOT what this assignment requires. Make your points, but then also give details that support each point. Be sure to include WHY for each opinion/point that you give.You will have weekdays and a weekend to complete this assignment. DO NOT wait until Tuesday, December 11 to try to complete and submit it; if anything goes wrong, you will have no time to make adjustments. In addition, you will not be able to submit to me through Inbox. Tuesday December 11 is the very end of this class, and Canvas will shut down everything connected to it, so there will be NO TIME left for do-overs. If there is anything that you want to keep from this class, copy it before Tuesday because you will no longer have access to the class.

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