Describe the process and data points that will be used to determine the success of the SIP.

Problem of Practice: School Improvement Project
Due October 26th(Time will be given in class to work on this assignment)
Background: PSEL standard 5 tells us that an education leaders cultivates an inclusive, caring, and supportive school community that promotes the academic success and well-being of each student.
Assignment: Participants in this class will examine the current state of affairs in their schools/work settings using existing data such as performance data, climate surveys, and other data points in order to construct a program that will address an area of need. Non-school based participants, can select a trending problem in education, and develop an improvement program to address the issue. This Improvement Project should consist of two parts. Part 1 Context This portion should be no fewer than 3 4 double spaced pages in length.
Title of the School Improvement Project (SIP)
Background of the issue you are addressing. Including data points used to select this as a problem of practice.
A summary of the proposed SIP you wish to implement.
Objectives to be accomplished.
Timeline that contains steps to be taken, dates, and partners needed to complete each task in the timeline.
of how the SIP aligns to at least 3 of your districts AND PSEL leader standards. No fewer than two paragraphs should be dedicated to each of the three alignments.
Part 2 Reflection – The second part of this project should contain your personal reflection on how your SIP will have an everlasting effect on your school. In your reflection, you should include future recommendations in order to sustain its viability. Please also discuss what steps will be necessary for you to garner input to make your SIP proposal a reality in your school. The reflection portion should be no fewer than 1-2 pages in length.

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