Describe what the compliance issue was and note any applicable laws that could apply to this case. (5 points)

Compliance Paper Assignment Last name: There are many compliance pitfalls an organization could fall into through the unscrupulous efforts of employees. For this assignment, you will pick one common compliance issue and more fully examine the topic. In completing this assignment, consider the information you gathered from your interview with the compliance officer interview. Review relevant information on the Health Care Compliance Association website. The compliance issue I am further investigating for this class. You may choose one of the following topics: 1. Accepting vacations or gifts from a vendor such as a pharmaceutical sales person in exchange for buying that vendors products Write a two to three page paper detailing this compliance issue and how this type of compliance issue is identified. Discuss how a and what the outcome was following an investigation. 1. Begin the paper with an introduction. Introduce the compliance issue and an example of the issue. (2 points) 2. Provide the background of the situation that you chose. (5 points) 3. 4. Describe the possible outcome for the situation that you chose. (6 points) 5. Discuss what a compliance officer would need to do in such a situation. (5 points) 6. Provide a solid conclusion wrapping up the details of the case. (2 points)

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