Describe your chosen topic within the field of HIM- Chosen topic: How has voice recognition technology changed the medical practice?

A. Develop an introduction for the paper (suggested length of 46 pages) in which you:

2. Explain why you chose the topic.
3. Explain why you chose your research methodology (e.g., case study, meta-analysis of data).
4. Discuss why the topic is important to the field of HIM.B. Explain the problem (suggested length of 35 pages) within the field of HIM your project will address by doing the following:
Note: You may choose to refer to your sources to support your explanations.
1. Explain a problem related to your selected topic. Be sure to include how your topic is relevant and specific to HIM.
2. Describe background information about the problem. As you describe the background information (history, legislation, other ideas that show how this topic evolved) be sure to discuss how it is relevant to HIM, and support your ideas with outside
3. Discuss possible causes of the problem. For this rubric, you are also required to support your ides with outside sources.
4. Explain why an examination of this problem is important to the field of HIM.
C. Create a literature review by doing the following:
1. Summarize 1520 professional sources relevant to the topic you have chosen.
2. Explain how each of the professional sources applies to the topic being investigated
3. Synthesize the 1520 professional sources from C1. This is separate from C1, C2: it is a summary of your summaries

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