HEALTH BEHAVIOR INTRODUCTION Define and describe the health behavior. Discuss the health behaviors significance to public health. Discuss how this health behavior is relevant to this health behavior course. State what the overall paper will focus on, including your original thoughts regarding the utility and application of the theories/models to the health behavior. Briefly outline the main points in your paper.

The research topic I chose is the consumption of alcohol amongst College Students; like the causes/effects of it, the abuse and problems, and their possible solutions.
Directions for the assignment:
This assignment will require students to conduct a thorough review of the professional literature and prepare a comprehensive paper based on identifying, researching, and discussing a current health behavior issue. This paper is designed to facilitate students comprehension of methodologies that impact health behavior change. Length: 8 double-spaced typed pages using 10-12 point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around. Provide sub-headings for each section (e.g., introduction, main points, etc.).Include the following:

2.MAIN POINTS:A.HEALTH BEHAVIOR BACKGROUND. Discuss the ways in which this health behavior significantly affects the health status in a particular group of people (e.g. low socioeconomic status, specific racial/ethnic groups, people with disabilities, elderly, children, etc.). Discuss the determinants of health for this health behavior. Provide clear and well supported evidence.B.HEALTH BEHAVIOR THEORIES AND MODELS.Choose at least two of the following health behavior theories/models: The Health Belief Model, The Transtheoretical Model, The Theory of Reasoned Action; The Theory of Planned Behavior; The Precaution Adoption Process Model, and the Social Cognitive Theoryi.Briefly describeand compareeach of your chosen theories and/or models including any constructs.ii.Briefly explainhow each of your chosen theories and/or models are relevant and applicable to the health behavior.C.HEALTH BEHAVIOR THEORY/MODEL RESEARCH APPLICATION.Researchthe professional literature (i.e., scientific and peer-reviewed journal articles) to determine how researchers have applied health behavior theories or models to explain, predict, or modify (i.e., develop interventions) this health behavior. Pick two differentevidence-based research studies from the scientific and peer-reviewed journals and explainhow eachresearch study successfully applied a health behavior theory and/or model to address this health behavior. Do not apply the theory yourselves; summarize the findings of each research studyand discusshow the researchers (for each study) utilized interventions or treatments to modify the behavior.
3.CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FURTHER STUDYBriefly summarize the main points discussed in the body of your paper. Discuss where additional research is needed –Make clear, tangible, evidence-based recommendations about future studies that are needed.4.REFERENCE PAGE:You are required to have at least 5 -8 professional references cited using the APA Style Manual. Your references must not be from general websites or the popular press or from class lectures or personal communication. You may use the textbook for a brief definition only. You may also use professional organizations, such as the WHO, CDC, NIH, etc, for some of the statistics related to thesignificance of the issue and description of the population. At least (2) of these references need to be from journal articlespublished in peer-reviewed journals that may be accessed via the Internet.

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