Develop a budget for the special interest group’s advocacy agenda for the next year.

In this assignment, you will include an assessment of the funding needs for the defined advocacy agenda and funding sources. Additionally, you will address the laws and regulations that impact funding of advocacy organizations. If you have not done so yet, make sure to complete the media activity Vila Health: Advocacy Strategic Budget Plan (linked in the Resources) before completing this assignment. The media will walk you through the process needed for this assignment, and is critical to your success. To successfully complete your assignment, include the following: Provide a summary of your advocacy agenda: Provide a brief summary of the health policy issue you identified. Advocacy functions: Identify the specific activities the organization will sponsor to promote endorsement of the issue. The activities include, but are not limited to, education of the public, constituents, and legislators; training of volunteers; production of media; lobbying activity; and personnel costs. Analysis: Analyze the legislative process and action necessary to enact the policy, including financial considerations to influence the legislative process. Funding sources: Identify how and where the funds will be obtained. The source needs to be specifically identified. For example, identify the type of government or foundation grants and the specific features of fundraising activities. Advocacy functions budget:This financial statement needs to include assets (as identified in the above funding sources) and line-item expenses for each of the advocacy functions noted above. Net assets must exceed expenses at the end of the fiscal year. Laws, regulations, and ethics: Identify the legal and ethical issues related to political action committee funds. Identify and analyze the provisions of the regulations governing the funding of advocacy functions. The discussion needs to include the impact on various tax-exempt organizations. Strategy: Devise a strategy for how to influence multiple levels of the legislative process, including tailoring the message to address the impact of action. Include an evaluation of the potential impact of the message. Writing Requirements Written communication:

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