Develop a plan to present a suitable portfolio to a prospective employer or backer and participate in a job interview.

The plan must include:Your interpretation of the briefAny information you have gathered in response to the briefTitle of the projectA statement of the project issue/solution, a SWOT analysis, a mapping of your personal strengths in relation to the job opportunity, identify (from within the core of your course framework) your intended approach to present what you have to offer a prospective employer or backer to maximise your potential.A statement of the aims of the practical assignment including personal goals and targetsA timescale for conducting the project which should include both final and intermediate completion datesA statement demonstrating appropriate ways of working to achieve aims during the development process and the reasons for the choice of solutions. This must be directly related to a topic or topics covered as part of the HND AwardIdentification and explanation of the sources of information which will be used for the project and why each has been selectedIdentification of the resources (including time) required to carry out the project and how they will be accessedAn explanation of the how the project will be conducted with reasons for the choice of methods usedA statement of the criteria used to assess the effectiveness of the approach chosen. This should be directly related to topics covered as part of the Group Award

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