Neo confucianism and Confucianism

Complete a ten-page (double-spaced) critical analysis of the primary sources in historical context. The paper should present (i) a well-formulated thesis, (ii) clear supporting arguments, (iii) persuasive evidence for each supporting argument, and (iv) a conclusion that synthesizes the central arguments.I want my research paper to be about how Neo Confucianism is the same as Confucianism. You will be provided 2 primary sources. I attached them to the attach material option. In “Chapter 3 CONFUCIUS AND ANALECTS” only use the selections to support thesis and in the zip is the primary source “Chapter 21 ZHU XI’S NEO-CONFUCIAN PROGRAM”. In the zip use only the selections that were not crossed out. I need these two sources to be put in my paper.Thank you 🙂

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