Develop clinical decision making through acquired knowledge and evidence.

The purpose of this assignment is to: Power point Format please and follow the instruction below Provide an opportunity for students to review an area of interest about the pharmacological treatment of a disease or condition. Apply the course concepts learned in this course to a patient situation. Assignment Criteria: Students may use the selected disease you covered in your discussion, or you may choose from a mini case study from the options provided below. Create a 10-12 slide powerpoint presentation in APA format consisting of the following: Slide – Title, name, college Slide 1 – Abstract slide containing a summary of the topic, purpose, background, and findings containing 120-150 words Slide 2-3 Pathopharmocology about a disease and the medication Slide 4-5 – Pharmacokinetics of the medication, including class, mechanism of action, and age-appropriate therapeutic dosage Slide 6 Contraindications Slides 7 Present the 10 rights of medication administration and briefly address any concerns Slide 8- A primary and secondary NANDA approved nursing diagnosis Slide 9- Nursing Implications (e.g., laboratory testing, assessment, education, interactions, accessibility, costs, legal and ethical concerns) Slide 10 Recommendation Slide 11 – Conclusion Slide – References Students must cite any relevant information, including scholarly evidence-based research related to the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment for the selected case study. For Online students, you must submit your PPT voice over. Be sure to review the course directions and grading rubric for the case study analysis powerpoint. The student may select from the following case studies, but not limited to the diseases that are listed:

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