discuss how media connects our construction of culture and ideology. For this essay, 2 visual ads are needed.

Consider how the creator of the ads used pathos, ethos, logos and kairos as well as any particular word choices, fonts, sayings, etc to convince the audience that their claim is important. Consider what images or symbols the creator uses to make an effect and to manipulate a viewers opinion. Consider the audience and look at the chosen viewership for the ad is, why the creator made that choice and how does that choice connect to the larger meaning of the ad. If product placement is applicable, then discuss what the creator is selling and why. What does the product represent? How does it change society that it is situated in? What is its importance? Why is it appropriate to sell right now? All of these parts should come together in the essay as the claim (thesis statement) about how this piece, or pieces, either support or subvert a particular ideological belief or cultural behavior in an effort to sell something or promote an institutional belief or agenda. Producing context and summarizing the media works chosen to discuss is okay, but the argument is the forefront, do not overshadow it by genera details. Clear introduction, thesis, body (with main points, topic sentences, transitions and evidence), conclusion that goes beyond summarizing and posits questions or lasting statements for audience to consider. Maybe consider the ethics/morals of manipulating a culture or ideological for a companies individual pursuits. Also, in case of subversion, consider the importance of questioning an ideological institution and how doing so augments or protects a certain culture. 3 sources from reputable peer reviewed journal and set up citations and respond to them fully in essay. Fully cite in-text citations in essay as well as in works cited. Include ads in works cited.

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