What techniques does the author use to develop her/his point? How does the author use these techniques to manipulate/move/teach the reader?

You have to pick an article that was given to us. Third person view and MLA format. Here are some links: https://theamericanscholar.org/cuss-time/#.XAoUtJNKiu4 https://www.utilitarian.net/singer/by/19990905.htm I put a picture and copy and paste so you could see it which ever you prefer. Essay 4: Rhetorical Analysis minimum word requirement: 1000+ words, Times New Roman12 Writing Task Write an essay that responds to and evaluates a particular article we have read this semester (see syllabus). This is not a summary paper, but your essay should provide a concise summary of the article early on to orient your reader. Throughout the essay you will also need to acknowledge important parts of the article through paraphrase, des?r?ption, and a few direct quotations. The overall purpose of this paper is to show your analysis and evaluation of the authors ideas. Think of the paper as a way to discuss the strong and weak points of a particular piece of writing by using concepts we have learned in this classappeals to credibility/character (ethos), emotion (pathos), and logic (logos); STAR; logical fallacies; and other essential concepts and analytical tools. The paper is a way to put your thoughts in dialogue with the authors to evaluate whether the authors argument is strong. In short, this is an essay that analyzes/critiques the integrity of an argument, how effectively an author supports his/her argument, claims, and assertions. This is not a summary paper. You are essentially judging whether the article provides a strong argument or not. You should present and develop your own take on the article, and you should support that take with reflection and detail. State your judgment clearly and support your evaluation with persuasive points that could influence your reader to your way of thinking or at least have your reader see your viewpoint clearly. This essay involves working with a source, so you should use quotation, paraphrase, or display of information from the selected article to MLA or APA specifications (see Chapter 17 of Writing Arguments). The essay should also provide a separate Works Cited page that provides accurate, properly formatted information about the article. Audience Address your paper to peer-scholars who might be interested in your subject and could be interested in your analysis and/or findings. But also imagine your audience as somewhat informed but undecided people who might take an opposing viewpoint from your own. Evaluation Your essay needs to have a clear purpose with ample detail to support this purpose, and it needs to have an assertive thesis at least by the end of the third paragraph. The essay should have a beginning that generates interest, an ending that provides a sense of closure, and the parts in between should be arranged in a logical and rhetorically effective sequence. The essay should demonstrate stylistic maturity and mastery of editorial conventions (grammatical correctness). A Successful Rhetorical Analysis Essay ? Provides a concise and accurate summary of the article early on to orient the reader ? Offers an assertive thesis that directs the action of the essay and reflects the whole essay ? Has a thesis that makes an evaluative judgment about the effectiveness of the authors argument ? Offers strong support for its thesis by using specific details and detailed analysis of how the author effectively or ineffectively supports his or her argument ? Uses analytical tools appropriate to the argument he or she is evaluating ? Paraphrases and integrates quotations from an article effectively, smoothly, and ethically through appropriate signal phrases and parenthetical citations in MLA Style ? Uses third person voice to analyze the article, not the first person or second person Helpful Analytical Tools for Analyzing Evidence Questions for Rhetorical Analysis in Writing Arguments, 10th ed. (9293) PURPOSE For this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to analyze a text for the meaning-making strategies the author is using. You will be expected to use the rhetorical strategies we will discuss in class (ethos, pathos, logos, language, etc.) to provide an analysis of a written argument. Hint: Select a text that strongly affected you. For example, if it made you laugh, see how the author accomplished that; if it made you cry, see how the author manipulated your emotions; if it made you angry, examine what assumptions you and the author disagree on. DOING RHETORICAL ANALYSIS Once youve selected a text, there are three questions you will want to answer: What is the purpose of this text? Or what is the text trying to say/do? In other words, you must not only tell your audience what the text is doing, but HOW and WHY. EVIDENCE The essay must use specific examples and quotes from the text to support your analysis. Make sure, however, that the dominant voice of the text remains yours; dont let your voice be overrun by quotes. The best way to maintain your voice: introduce quotes with a signal phrase and then provide your own distinct analysis of each quote/example. Dont leave the quotes to do the work. Show how they function in the text. The focus of the essay is not whether you agree or disagree with the essay, but an examination of the strength of the argument.

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